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Fabio Vittorelli





Fabio Vittorelli, born in Milan a few years ago, has always been passionate about photography, first analogue and then digital. Fabio takes pictures because he enjoys doing it.

"The photography does not show the reality, it shows the idea which someone has of it." Neil Leifer


"Photographer Fabio Vittorelli is an ‘existentialist’, known for his highly symbolic shots. His photographs, scattered with shadows and reflections, mirror human life: Fabio puts people at the centre of his work, raises them above daily triviality and creates a new dimension, where wish, silence and remorse remain unheard.

Fabio catches the essence of a situation and shapes it with a simple touch, thus moving it to a different level of perception – less real and more symbolic.

Dreams and figures are gracefully proposed – the photographs hold up the observer’s mental space; more so, they broaden and expand it towards connections, feelings and admiration."


Walter Scappini

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