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Fabio's Friends

I don’t know Fabio, but Fabio doesn’t know either he is sometimes a poet!


On the international scene, Fabio's work is a visual poem that delicately and deeply explores the human soul. Each image speaks of authentic truths, revealing the beauty and vulnerability of being. Fabio's ability to capture the essence of people  with subtle humor and masterful composition  makes him not only an exceptional artist but a true visual storyteller through an intimate journey that transcends simple photography to become an exploration of the self. His artistic eye and genuine nature create art that speaks to the soul, leaving an indelible impression. Fabio inspires and enriches the world with his art.

Fabio is a very nice person. So gentle and kind-hearted. His sensitivity takes him deep inside, which is why his shots are so real, powerful. In the people he portrays, he seeks the naturalness of all time. There is no pretense in being yourself and with Fabio it seems to be easier. I wish there were more Fabio Vittorelli in the world.

I didn’t know anything about nude artistic photography before Fabio. Our paths crossed almost by chance but he, thanks to his experience and his capability to really see inside a person, gave me the opportunity to discover a part of me. Months ago, I was unconscious about the extraordinary inner journey I was starting thanks to his photos. Today, I am extremely grateful to call him ‘a friend’ 


I had never posed for a nude photo and I knew very little about it before meeting Fabio. It was a really deep, powerful experience. Fabio immediately managed to make me feel at ease and in just a few minutes a human relationship was created that made me feel deeply connected with myself. He was really professional the whole time. I love his photography because it captures the true essence of a person.

An experience that allowed me to open my heart and be kinder with my human fragility. It helped me to embrace a new unexpected version of myself. During the shooting I decided to let go the usual barriers of my every day life and be curios of what I could possibly find beyond. A complete different presentation of me to the world.

Posing for Fabio was a fantastic experience for me. I found in Fabio, as well as an excellent photographer, a genuine, ironic person with refined intelligence, as well as a sincere friend. The comparison with him, in photographic, aesthetic and philosophical matters, proved to be full of new ideas for thought, enriched by Fabio's ability to get in tune, at various levels, with his interlocutor.


Posing for Fabio was an intense and therapeutic experience. He was able to make me comfortable and understand me without me talking. He managed to pull out a side of me that I didn’t think I could bring up with a stranger. Today Fabio and I are good friends and I know I can always count on him.


I’ve been a big fan of Fabio’s work for many years.  I think he is one of the all time great street photographers and a truly talented artist.  To study his photography is a masterclass in composition, balance and storytelling.


I love Fabio's photography; I find it simple and complex at the same time. Street Photograpy is incredible; composition, irony and instinct are just some of his skills.


I have known Fabio for a long time, you can find his soul in his photos. Behind every photo there is a story, everyone can find their own. When you look at the photos you find something esoteric, which glues you to the picture and begins to speak to your soul.


Fabio combines simplicity and elegance. Especially during nude shootings he is very professional and has an eye for art. Always a pleasure to be creative with him.


I thought it would be difficult for me to pose for Fabio, as I have known him for many years, but I was wrong. I felt completely confortable from the beginning, his presence was extremely delicate. I never felt my physical nudity, as I felt most my emotional one. I was completely in contact with myself. It was like being in the deep water and feeling nothing around me, but only my breath. I am very grateful to Fabio for this unimaginable experience.

Fabio tells our stories. Whether the subjects are people, landscapes, or even architectures, always in his photographs we can capture a cross-section of what life is, narrated with accents sometimes of ironic detachment, sometimes full of empathy and surprise for the incredible variety of events that the reserve humanity. It is therefore necessary to recognize his  ability to evaluate exemplary situations with the skill of the observer who, while immersing himself in the subject's habitat, abstracts himself from it to obtain the most objective information possible. This lucid disenchantment, never indifferent though, associated with attention to shape, care for tones and geometries even in portraiture is his hallmark, and this makes his works highly recognizable. Recognizability that brings out his photography and places it far from that hypertrophic, imitative and inattentive world of the contemporary image.  


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